We live in an era of rapid development and great change. The deepening and expansion of globalization and digitalization closely connect together the countries of the world and creates a situation of interdependence. Against this backdrop, Luiss University in Rome and Renmin University of China have initiated the Social Sciences Universities Network (SSUN).

The Network promotes cooperation between universities in talent training, scientific research, academic innovation, as well as policy and regulation formulation. Member universities actively participate in global governance and act as pacemakers of higher education in the humanities and the social sciences. The Network represents a broad and convenient platform of communication for researchers, professors, and students. It allows to develop high-quality exchange programs and provides opportunities to conduct joint research projects and to foster academic innovation. The network promotes the publication of academic and policy reports on relevant issues, enhances the prominence and influence of all members, and acts as an academic platform in the humanities and the social sciences. All member universities rely on the Network to organize international conferences, develop inter-school communication, and create an “aggregation effect”. Members of the Network also provide policy indications and proposals with a global perspective, for both national governments and international organizations.